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"Kalau Kamu Mencintai Profesimu, Totallah!"

I'll show you someone great. He should be well-known on the world wide web as well as behind the cameras. If you're one of my beloved silent readers, you will recognize the name. *scroll down please*

Yup! Partner in crime, keyboard player, not too handsome but charismatic busy father, women's idol *jiaaahhh*... etc.

I found him in many chances, and of course, for many teams too. PC Fatayat NU Jombang, PAC Muslimat NU Perak Jombang, Kopwan Perak, IPHI Perak, no idea how many teams we're involved in together.

And one thing for sure, his wife (I call her Mbak Alif) is a beautiful woman and a good friend of mine. So, can you imagine how lucky I am? Hihihi...

Well, off we go.

About 10 years ago, while I was studying at SMA Negeri 3 Jombang, one of my classmates, called Arsika Yunarta (Mbak Ita) was the vocalist of Bubble Band, a famous R&B band in Jombang. One day, I saw the pamphlet of a band event held by a cigarette company. And Bubble Band was the guest star. I saw Mbak Ita's face there and someone on the edge of the band's members. He had sharp eyes, like eagle's. I'd always remembered those eyes since the time. First, I thought he was a bad boy, according to the bottom line of his eyes. But, I was wrong then. I don't know he was or not, but now he is the most religious man I've ever met, even though he's not a son of kiai or something.

Last year, 2015, I met him. Really met him. He was a coach of my choir team of Fatayat Perak. I still didn't know he was the man whose sharp eyes I attracted to, of course. Because my team won the best conductor of the choral competition, I met him again. He was the keyboard player, I was the conductor of Fatayat Jombang. That was an exciting exercise because it was the first time I might discuss what I wanted to share with. All about music, note's dynamics, song's tempo, until the detail of conductor movements. We shared everything each other. Something rare and I got the chance. Can you imagine how happy I was?

Time went by. Finally, I knew that the 'eyes' (or iced?) man on the pamphlet was him. Allah... I had to say sorry because of bad prejudice 10 years ago.

We met again in some agendas, such as in a politics party's conference, in an exercise of Koperasi Wanita's choral team, and IPHI choir. Alla of them let us in, me as the conductor and him as the keyboard player. If Allah lets us meet once more, we'll be in a team of a junior high school choir. I hope He lets...

And, yesterday, December 11, 2016, we had an agenda of IPHI Perak. It was the same 'hole' I've ever come in. The failure of last year competition happened again two days ago. So, it made me think twice: WHY?

So, I needed someone to share. I needed someone to understand the problem. I needed advises to do. I needed someone to give me something new about it. Something simple, certainly. Was it cause of I was not too charismatic or there was something wrong with the team.

And finally, I asked him. TODAY. The following is the conversation of us. Check it out.

All I meant was the team of the 'hole'. I don't want to go in the same 'hole' next time. That I'll find some people of the team don't suit me. So, I asked him.

"Mas Haris lagi online?
Boleh tanya2?"

He answered:

From this moment, I was a little shocked, hahaha. He used all capitalized words. I worried I had a mistake to him so I had to say sorry, like what he did three days ago. Yeah, he admitted that he copied my style of conducting (I actually didn't know what style he meant) while teaching his students of choir, but they laughed for it. Then he felt guilty because the knowledge he wished to tell caused the audience laughing out loud, and it seemed he thought twice before he said softly since we had a practice with IPHI Perak, "Zah, aku minta maaf ya." He stopped a while, "Aku pernah nyontoh gaya dirigen kamu. Mau aku contohkan ke anak-anak, tapi mereka malah ketawa." Then he quoted a verse "Wailul likulli humazatil lumazah." I didn't know the missing link between the quote and the case.

Of course, I could resist to laugh no more. Hahaha. It was a little thing and he felt guilty. And -cause I was so curious about what style he copied- I asked him, "Gaya dirigen yang mana, Mas?" He said, "Ya pokoknya gaya pean. Aku pinginnya ngasih tahu, malah mereka ketawain. Maaf ya." You know, I won't stop before I get what I am curious about. Then I said, "Coba praktekin, gimana njenengan niru gaya saya." He refused, you know. Hahahaha. Okay, okay, I forgive him, but I can't stop laughing. At least, until he answered my question about what we should build to make a choir better if it had intact voices but no instrument accompanied it and he said, "The note. That's the most important point."

Well, back to the conversation.

I said,
"Sebenernya saya pingin tanya ini dari lama, tapi lupa terus.
Njenengan pernah mboten sih, diundang untuk ndampingi sebuah tim PS, tapi tim itu tidak mau bekerjasama dengan njenengan?
Kalau mereka ngundang njenengan lagi, walaupun ndak ada jadwal di tim lain, kira2 njenengan nerima lagi mboten?
Jangan pake huruf kapital semua ta lah mas, medeni lo. :O "

Then he answered,
"klo mudharatnya lebih banyak drpd manfaatnya.lebih baik sy tinggal.
tp kita jg harus tau alasan tdk mau bekerja sm itu ap profesionalisme?atau ke personal?"

Yeah, it was a little entertaining me when he used lowercase. It seemed he was not angry as I worried about, hohoho.

I said,
"Mmm, kayaknya sih profesionalisme, Mas. Di kasus saya, ada sebagian dari tim itu yang ndak mau nuruti kesepakatan yang dibuat tim."

He answered firmly,
"klo lebih dari 50% tdk suka.lbh baik tinggalkan
klo hny sbagian kecil sj.pertahankan"

From the sentence, I was impressed. He gave something I needed. An assertive decision. That was very cool...

I said,
"Sebagian kecil memang, but they spread influence.
Maksudnya, mereka mempengaruhi yang lain. Maap, maap, bawaan kantor gak pake bahasa Indonesia dengan baik dan benar."

And what he said then made me surprised. Impressed (again). It shut my mouth up and opened my eyes as wide as possible. *halah!*

He replied,
"klo km mencintai profesimu totallah."

Oh, my God. I'd like to send a hashtag #HarisRoseQuote to the words. It was his best briefing or quote or whatever you named.

I said then,
Fa idza faraghta fanshab.
Sip! Makasih mas."

But he had said a joke,
"ilmu mu lbh tinggi ...hahahaha
aku gk tau arabnya..."

I had no time to stop impressed, I stalked him then. On his BlackBerry caption. It was about his band, Bubble Band, that was covered on a newspaper for its victory. And you are reading the caption. But, please note! I attach the PIN because I have to make sure that the caption I enclosed is his real BBM account. Beside, he ever published it before on his Facebook account, so I have nothing to worry.

"Janganlah hidup untuk mencari senang sy tdk mau beruforia.semoga Allah meridhoi kita semua({})"

 And the following image was the display picture.

Like I said, he is so religious, right? I never found he lost his time for shalat. Music doesn't make him deceive and forget the responsibility as a father, husband, son, and Allah's servant. 

I'd like to end these words by attaching some photos that including me and him. Why? Because I feel like I'm the luckiest people in the world having a good friend like him. ^_^

Receiving a cup as the best conductor of PC Fatayat NU Jombang 2016. They both were my coaches. 

Rehearsing session with Kopwan Perak choir team for choral competition. I was the conductor, he was the keyboard player. FYI, it was in a garage.

Performing three songs for IPHI Jombang choral competition. I was the conductor and he was one of five judges.

Attending Hari Santri Nasional 2016 at Jombang square. I was the only conductor and he was the only keyboard player.

Rehearsing session for Resepsi Harlah Fatayat NU and GP Ansor. We wore the same maroon stripe of clothes. I wore high heels, by the way, and I was not that high according to him, hahahaha.

Thank you, Mas Haris Rose Sandy, for being our inspiration. Keep outstanding, be humble, and religious. May Allah draw all of us near. Aamiiin.

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